Frontline, Carers & Hospitality – Winteryard Offer

It’s been a strange few years – and we’ve been wanting to do this for a while but have finally gotten our finger out to do it. Working in hospitality, as a carer or other frontline industries means you miss out on a lot of the festive good times, typically looking out for others…

We will be offering free drinks in January to anyone in the hospitality or frontline/carer industry who might not have gotten a chance in to head out with their pals in the run up to Christmas. Not everyone in the group needs to be hospitality/frontline/carer, just the person booking in.

Step 1 – Book in via the widget below

Step 2 – In the ‘Customer Requests’ put in where you work

Step 2 – Show your confirmation email on arrival


Terms & Conditions:

  • The offer is valid Monday – Sunday until Jan 30th. Please note most of the Winteryard events run Fri & Sat.
  • The lead booker must work fulltime in hospitality, as a carer or other frontline industries such as:
    • Healthcare
    • Education & Childcare
    • Public Transport
    • The Guards
  • The lead booker will be asked to prove they work in any of the above industries, ID cards, Emails, Payslips etc will suffice
  • Max 6 persons per group
  • 1 Free Drink per person
  • 1 Booking per night

This is a goodwill kinda thing, we won’t be naming/shaming anybody who tries to abuse it, but come on 🙂