What type of Guinness are you?

What type of Guinness are you?

Is there anything better than a pint of plain after a long day? Creamy, delicious goodness. Guinness never lets you down, it always has your back. The good aul reliable. It runs through our veins and makes us proud as punch to be from the Emerald Isle.

Although we can't be together drinking the liquid of champions this year, we came up with a six point system to see what kind of Guinness we are.

Pass on to your pals and see who the superior Guinness drinker is


What's your first choice of drink on a night out?
What's your go-to pizza in Dublin?
What's your favourite boozer?
How do you get home after a few pints in town?
Pick your favourite odd Irish Celebrity power duo you never knew you needed
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What type of Guinness are you?
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