✨The next chapter.. Moving Northside, a lookback & the OPENING WEEKEND

Hey folks,

We’re feeling a bit reflective here in the Bodytonic office. All good things must come to an end, but with that we have some exciting news we’ve been sitting on whilst we worked out the kinks, and we can finally announce after 13 years in Portobello that we’re moving the Shaw story Northside.



The Past

So as you probably know – The Bernard Shaw as we know is coming to an end, but all is not lost – we’re not completely done just yet. The Shaw, Eatyard Portobello, all organisational, art and performance spaces and everything else in the building and yards in Portobello will close for good on November 2nd. It is what it is and we decided to do what we do best – make it up as we go along.

With that being said the Shaw has a lot of history. It’s a special place and this month has been emotional for us all. So if you have any standout memories or photos you want to share with us please do! Drop us a mail here, we’ve loved hearing all you #Shawstories so far.



The Present

The reaction when the news of the Shaw broke was really overwhelming. Who would have thought it would be talked about in the Dáil and we’d get invited on national talk radio?! It wasn’t meant to happen like this, originally we were to open a new venue called ‘Racket’. Racket wasn’t to be massively dislike the Shaw, but as things happened it makes sense for the new space to be the Shaw. (You can read about that over on the Bodytonic members page here)

Anyways the new space has it all – a beer garden, a space for Eatyard & the Big Blue Bus, space for a gallery & murals and best of all – it’s even on the canal. We’ll also be running some late night events & they’ll be under the name ‘Racket‘ – it’s going to pretty slick.



The Future

So what’s in store for the next 2 weeks and beyond? We’ve a stacked line up in a day by day breakdown here and below. This month so far has been of of the best months in Shaw history – having a full month of all our favourite DJ’s, artists, musicians and people old and new come together again has been really special. It’s shown us how far we’ve come and the potential of the new space. With the new space we want to push ourselves to do better than ever, with exhibitions from Staselé JakunskaiteStephen HeffernanEpochNatoman & more lined up and some new night concepts from Tara Stewart and Club Comfort and some late night clubs thrown in with Andrew Weatherall and LSDXOXO. Eatyard will be joining us with a brand new (unreal!) line up in the new space along with our best pals at The Big Blue Bus.





So where exactly are we going? Cross Guns Bridge, Glasnevin, DrumcondraThe new space is open right now, but will close for a little make-over from November 3rd. Our official opening party is November 15th and we’d love all our pals old and new to come for start of this new chapter. You can RSVP to the opening party BELOW 

If you have any ideas for events, DJs, musicians, makers or doers and you want to do something in the new Shaw space, there’s no better time than now. Hit me back in this mail here and we can chat.


The final events at the Shaw Portobello will be free in as always, but when the venue fills up Bodytonic Members will get priority / first entry.

If you and your mates aren’t Bodytonic members yet don’t fret – joining is easy peasy and takes two minutes – head over to www.bodytonicmusic.com/members and sign up using your Facebook account or email, and show your QR Code on your profile on the door.

ps. You’ll always find hidden gems in the members section like members tickets to Wigwam & Jam Park gigs and maybe even a secret Shaw gig or two when we start our adventure on the Northside..

The Shaw Portobello was a massive 13 year adventure, here’s to the next 13 years!

Sophie & The Shaw crew