The Eatyard Farmers Market

Where: The Shaw Dancefloor

When: Every Saturday + Sunday / 10am-2pm

As many of you know – going ‘green’ has been a main goal to us in 2021. Throughout 2020 we spent a lot of time planning + organising ourselves and our crew into being as sustainable and sufficient as possible. One of our goals was to open the Eatyard Farmers Market – and so we have done exactly that.

The Market will be open every Saturday and Sunday morning between 10am-2pm on the dancefloor space. With fresh fruit, veg, bread, artisinal produce, specially selected wines, candles, flowers and more.

** menu in here**

Just to note – We aim to reduce our waste immensely, so we recommend bringing your own shopping bag and jars for produce.

More on our Farmyard Project:

Our goal is to start growing our own fruit, herbs, flowers and veg and we hope that in 2 years we’ll be able to set up our own food & drinks unit in Eatyard, selling only the good ol produce we have harvested ourselves 💚

We’ve been repurposing old bottle bins and scraps of wood and turned them into hop beds on the decking – ready to be harvested for 2022 Eatyard Harvest Day. Using principles from permaculture and zero waste, we harvest and reuse compost & water in all our planters. Our next goal is sell all the produce that we’ve grown  ourselves in the Market too. Hopefully we can get the local community involved too! We plan to run monthly events around the Farmers Market and bring in our favourite gardeners, farmers and collectives to share some advice and spread inspiration amongst the communities. If you would like to get involved, get in touch with us below