Our top 12 Simpsons memes

Our top 12 Simpsons memes

Fancy yourself a memologist? A bit of a Simpsons connoisseur? The Simpsons has been on for 30 years, and in that time, it has become an essential part of the pop culture lexicon. Here are 12 essential moments that have come to permeate the Internet in the best way possible – in meme form.

simpsons memes old man yells at cloud 30th anniversary

Old Man Yells at Cloud. Applicable to nearly everything online, this classic comes Season 13 of “The Simpsons,” in the episode “The Old Man and the Key.”

simpsons memes 30th anniversary me fail english

‘Me Fail English?’ Ralph Wiggum is the dumbest kid in Springfield, but the public school system is definitely leaving him behind. The quote comes from the Season 6 episode “Lisa on Ice.”

simpsons 30th anniversary memes sideshow bob rakes

Sideshow Bob’s Real Nemesis: Rakes. Bart famously sent Sideshow Bob to jail for trying to frame Krusty. In the Season 5 episode “Cape Feare,” Bob tried to get his revenge. But we’re all Bob stepping on 20 rakes once in a while. 


simpsons memes pta disbanded

The PTA Has Disbanded. Perfect for moments of intense panic, the PTA disbanding (or actually not) was a highlight of Season 6 when it appeared in the episode “The PTA Disbands.” Check out the clip.


simpsons 30th anniversary memes no its the children who are wrong

‘Am I So Out of Touch?’. Principal Seymour Skinner decides he can’t possibly be the out-of-touch one in Season 5’s “The Boy Who Knew Too Much.” The meme is perfectly deployed all over the Internet to make fun of anyone who can’t seem to see the obvious.

I’m in Danger. The meme is used to indicate someone being in a dangerous situation, especially one they don’t remove themselves from. Wether you’ve over slept for work or you’re procrastinating your life away – I’m in danger fits 90% of our lifely situations.


‘Worst. Episode. Ever. ‘The Comic Book Guy’s “Worst [whatever] ever” quote has been used quite a bit both on and off “The Simpsons.” This moment from Season 8’s “Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie” show goes a step further to capture Internet commenter culture even to this day.
simpsons 30th anniversary memes i for one welcome our new insect overlords

‘Our New Insect Overlords’ Anchorman Kent Brockman chooses instant capitulation when he thinks space ants are invading in the Season 5 episode “Deep Space Homer.” And we, for one, welcome our new meme overlord. Watch the clip.


simpsons 30th anniversary memes money can be exchanged for goods and services

‘Goods and Services’ Sometimes we all need an obvious economics lesson. Homer gets one from his brain in Season 5’s “Boy-Scoutz ‘n the Hood” episode. It’s a good reminder. Watch the clip.


simpsons 30th anniversary memes that's the joke

‘That’s the Joke’ McBain is possibly the worst stand-up comedian ever in “A Star is Burns” in Season 6. But he did give us this perfect meme for when a gag goes right over someone’s head on social media. It’s especially good if the person is also annoying. Watch the clip.

simpsons 30th anniversary memes two party system

‘Don’t Blame Me, I Voted for Kodos’. Moments from “Tree House of Horror VII” in Season 8 got a serious workout during the 2016 election. The episode is about two space aliens, Kang and Kodos pretending to be Bob Dole and Bill Clinton in 1996 in order to take over the world. And since no one is willing to vote for a third party, Kang wins. (The gag, by the way, riffed off anti-Bill Clinton bumper stickers ubiquitous in the South during the 1990s that said “don’t blame me, I voted for Bush.”)


simpsons 30th anniversary memes homer bush

‘Disappearing Homer’ It’s shocking how useful this meme, from “Homer Loves Flanders” in Season 5, has become. Any time you need to exit a situation as quickly and gracelessly as possible, it’s there for you. Here’s the clip for context.


Also just for the love of meme, the one, the only Marge Krumping
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