World Buckfast Day

  • 08.05.2021
  • 12:00 pm
  • 10:00 pm (finishes)
  • Food & Drinks

When everything’s an effort, you need the liquid of champions! On May 8th at The Bernard Shaw and Eatyard, we pay homage to the holiest of liquors next to Christs blood itself straight from the Benedictine Monks of Buckfast Abbey. We’ve been serving it at The Shaw (past and present), through good times and bad, for 14 whole years now. We like to think of ourselves as Bucky connoisseurs of the highest order

Whats on

  • Buckfast Quiz
  • Buckfast Bingo
  • Fancy Bucky pairings at Wine + Cheese bar
  • Buckfast colouring comps
  • Buckfast Brunch 
  • Eatyard Buckfast goods
  • Buckfast Games
  • Buckfast cocktails 2 for 15 
  • Bottles of Bucky 


Including; spot prizes, Buckfast cocktails, Buckfast food and even more BUCKFAST.