Wimbledon Mens Singles Semi-Finals

  • 09.07.2021
  • 5:00 pm
  • 11:00 pm (finishes)
  • Sport


Pimms, Strawberry’s + Cream and Bad Tennis Puns are here, this can only mean one thing…… Wimbledon is around the corner🎾

Dress code; strictly 70’s tennis chíc

Fancy some Pimms in the sun? Get your sweatbands at the ready, because we’ve got you sorted.

This year at the Bernard Shaw we’re going all out for Wimbledon, because we’re classy folk ya’know? We’re pulling out all the stops to make this years Wimbledon one to remember.

 Pimms cocktails? Obviously & Cream. Strawberries ? You betcha. Tennis on all our tvs? Why yes.

Also, if you show your Charleville Lawn Tennis Club membership we’ll give you your first Pimms on the house 🎾



Pimms Cocktail €8

Pimms Jugs (serves 2) €15

Strawberries + Cream €15

Frozen Pimms €8

Wimbledon Soft Serve €3

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