NYE w/ Club Comfort & special guest

  • 31.12.2019
  • 9:00 pm
  • 3:00 am (finishes)
  • Music
  • 5 / 10eu

We’re teaming up with some of the best DJs we’ve met in the last year for a New Year’s Eve buss up in the new Shaw!

Tickets : HERE

NYE: Journey to Cyberia w/ Club Comfort & Thrust

Club Comfort are teaming up with THRUST and ice-capping off the 2010s with the ICIEST NYE party of the decade. But if things on December 31st are likely to start off cold, who better than DJ Selky, DJ Gun Emoji, Baliboc, Glimmerman, Roo Honeychild and (the aptly named) Sohotsospicy to get your booties moving and those cheeks warmed up!


Cyberia is the digital wasteland- a virtual paradise lost. Once upon a time, the internet seemed a new bastion of humanity, community, and self-expression. It’s earliest users were filled filled with hope. Douglas Rushkoff’s Cyberia: Life in the Trenches of Hyperspace (1994) charted the excitement and utopian potential seen in the new medium. Fast forward a quarter of a century and the naïve optimism of the early 90s flies ever further into the rear view mirror. The algorithm divides and conquers us all. We are crushed by the snowfall of corporate interest, buried in alienation and left for cold.
But all is not lost.

It’s NYE 2019, and you find that you are lost, deep in the wastes. Frostbite is setting in. In the distance you hear something. It’s faint but distinct- a thumping, pulsating beat that sounds peculiarly like…. Jersey Club? Coming over the crest of a snowdrift it all comes into focus- there is a massive igloo, smoke billowing from the chimney hole. Angel Honeychild ushers you in and sits you close to the fire, while Sohotsospicy is blasting out the tunes. All around the fire there familiar, happy faces, not a laptop in sight, and, no matter how cold it is out there in the cybernetic badlands, you know that here, with your friends Club Comfort and Thrust, that you’re safe.


Roo Honeychild
DJ Gun Emoji
DJ Selky