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Music & events 5 nights a week. Book a table at info@thebernardshaw.com

Always free in.


All Nights 8pm – close unless otherwise noted

Every Wednesday: Love The Stuff Collective


Thu 19th: Good Name

Fri 20th: Unquiet Landscape

Sat 21st: The Bernard Shaw 11th Birthday Bash 

Sun 22nd: Disco E Cultura

Thu 26th: Moot

Fri 27th: Liquid Disco

Sat 28th: Simpson’s Tree House of Horror Hallowe’en Special

Sun 29th: A-Leen


Thu 2nd: Shaw Sessions

Fri 3rd: Declan O’Donnell

Sat 4th: Homebeat

Sun 5th: DIP

Thu 9th: Sauce

Fri 10th: Tom Lowe

Sat 11th: Orange Tree Edits

Sun 12th: Manma Saor

Thu 16th: Good Name

Fri 17th: Chris Jones

Sat 18th: Vital Signs

Sun 19th: Disco E Cultura

Thu 23rd: Moot

Fri 24th: Liquid Disco

Sat 25th: Souletiquette

Sun 26th: A-Leen + The Shaw Xmas Tree Bash

Thu 30th: Moot


Fri 1st: Unquiet Landscape

Sat 2nd: Fulton + Gold

Sun 3rd: TBC

Thu 7th: Sauce

Fri 8th: Declan O’Donnell

Sat 9th: TBC

Sun 10th: Boogie an Domhain

Thu 14th: Sauce

Fri 15th: Tom Lowe

Sat 16th: TBC

Sun 17th: Disco E Cultura

Sat 23rd: Gremlins! 80’s Fancy Dress Party




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