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Music & events 5 nights a week. Book a table at info@thebernardshaw.com


*Every Wednesday – Diogo Yudi DJs*



Thu Apr 20th – Good Name Pres: Oose

Fri Apr 21st – Prince Night w/Bantum AV set + Purple Rain Screening

Sat Apr 22nd – Bodytonic Record Store Day Party

Sun Apr 23rd – Betty Collective

Thu Apr 27th – Moot

Fri Apr 28th – Liquid Disco Italo Night Italo + Electro

Sat Apr 29th – Fulton + Gold All Day Session Disco, Funk, House

Sun Apr 30th – Betty Collective


Thu May 4th – The Shaw Sessions #1: Patrick Kelleher LIVE

Fri May 5th –  Bodytonic Label Night

Sat May 6th – The Orange Tree Edits Summer Series

Sun May 7th – Betty Collective

Thu May 11th – Good Name Pres: Cat Palace

Fri May 12th – Chris Jones An Electic Night Traversing Post Punk to House

Sat May 13th – Wimps n’ Snitches Hip Hop Night

Sun May 14th – Betty Collective

Thu May 18th – Beatyard Launch Party

Fri May 19th – Fletch

Sat May 20th – Pear DJ Collective All Dayer

Sun May 21st – Betty Collective

Thu May 25th – Beatyard Launch Party w/ Moot, Benni Bodytonic + DJ ES

Fri May 26th – Liquid Disco Italo + Electro

Sat May 27th – Now You’re Swingin

Sun May 28th – Betty Collective


Thu June 1st – The Shaw Sessions #2: Magic Pockets Live

Fri June 2nd –  GIN FUSION

Sat June 3rd – GIN FUSION

Sun June 4th – GIN FUSION

Mon June 5th – GIN FUSION

Thu June 8th – Good Name

Fri June 9th – Bodytonic Label Night

Sat June 10th – Unquiet Landscape

Sun June 11th – DIP

Thu June 15th – Good Name

Fri June 16th – Hipdrop

Sat June 17th – When Good Friends Meet

Sun June 18th – Manma Saor

Thu June 22nd – Good Name

Fri June 23rd – Phases

Sat June 24th –  Gay Pride All Day Party w/ Lime + Fancy and Venus Dupree

Sun June 25th – Disco E Cultura


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