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*It’s Rugby Season🏉☘️  We’re showing all Six Nations games, click HERE to reserve a table*

Friday 22nd; Bonsaî, Bonsaî, Bonsaî | 8pm

Saturday 23rd; Leptons 1st Birthday W/ Lerosa & more | 4pm

Ire v Italy Womens 6 nations | 2pm

Sunday 24th; Mercy + Salvation; Salvation Sundays | 6pm

Ire v Italy Mens 6 nations | 4pm

Thursday 28th; Papaya Live #1  Cello meets electronic | 6pm


Friday 1st; BUA | 8pm

Saturday 2nd; WGFM #14 w/ Aoife O’Neill (Out Of Space) & DC FSLMan | 8pm

Sunday 3rd; Different Rhythm; Balaço Certo  | 6pm

Thursday 7th;  EATYARD RE-OPENING | 8pm

Friday 8th; International Womens Weekender / Shaw Kicks with Justyna Koss, Helen O’dea & Jill Staxx | 8pm 

Saturday 9th; International Womens Weekender / Tara Stewart presents | 8pm

Sunday 10th; International Womens Weekender;  Glitter tits Pop-up Dj course | 6pm

Thursday 14th; Tuff Gang | 8pm

Friday 15th; Moot | 8pm

Saturday 16th; Paddys Day Weekender; Bubblegum | 6pm

Sunday 17th; Paddys Day | 4pm

Thursday 21st; Liquid Disco | 8pm

Friday 22nd; Rogue Poets | 8pm

Saturday 23rd; It must be nice (LDN) | 6pm

Sunday 24th; Ellemeno | 6pm

Thursday 28th; Papaya | 8pm

Saturday 30th; Dancing for money; Enda Rowen | 8pm

Sunday 31st; Mercy & Salvation; Salvation Sundays | 8pm


Saturday 6th; Shaw Kicks | 8pm

Sunday 7th; Ellemeno | 8pm

Friday 12th; Moot | 8pm

Thursday 18th; BUA | 8pm

Friday 19th; Tuff Gang | 8pm

Saturday 20th; 4/20 It must be nice | 4pm

Sunday 21st; Different Rhythm | 4pm

Thursday 25th; Papaya | 8pm 

Saturday 27th; Dancing for Money – Aoife O’neill & Helen O’dea | 6pm


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