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Thursday 10th – Don Conroy  FREE LIVE DRAWING CLASS | 8pm

BUA | 9pm

Friday 11th – Bodge 3000 | 6pm

Homebeat Selects; Tokyo Love Hotel live | 9pm

Homebeat DJS | 10pm

Saturday 12th – Club Culture | 6pm [ Ireland rugby and soccer matches will be on the screen too ] 

Sunday 13th –  JG Wilkes (Optimo) at the Shaw | #BSexit| 4pm

Wednesday 16th – Distortion DJs | 8pm

Thursday 17th – Tiny Choons | 8pm

Friday 18th – All City All Stars | 6pm

Saturday 19th – No Surrender FM: Mathman, Mango Dassle & Tara Stewart 

Sunday 20th – Different Rhythm all dayer | 3pm

Tuesday 22nd – Earwig DJS | 7pm

Wednesday 23rd – Gash Collective | 7pm

Thursday 24th – Efa Oneill | 7pm

Friday 25th – Moot | 8pm

Saturday 26th – The Final All City Jam | 11am

The Bernghain Shaw Marathon – DC FSL MAN, Fio & Jio (Pear), Long Island Sound, R.Kitt, EMA, Bill Mango, Caít, Duffi, Dundon, DJ Paddy, Rosita Moulin, Squig and maybe Crraymo *All black dress code – get out them leathers* | 12pm

Sunday 27th – Sim Simma 

Monday 28th – Robin Graham | 8pm

Wednesday 30th – Sauce DJs, Neighbourhood DJS, Unquiet Landscape, Bob Standard, Sohotsospicy | 8pm

Thursday 31st – Good Name, Acid Granny, Club Comfort, Sim Simma 

Friday Nov 1st – Crego, Nic James, Mel, DJ Genie, Frankie Grimes, Handsome Paddy

Saturday Nov 2nd – TRone, Lunar Disko, Aaron Dempsey, Simon Conway, Kenny Hanlon, Galactic Beat Club

Sunday  Nov 3rd – JoMa, Conor L, Conor Dunne, Noodles, Mike Black, Quigo, Tayor, Sohotsospicy, Tom Beary JP Mohan the last day/night of the Shaw southside, before we pack our bags, and head off Northside. 


The Shaw Redemption 



Friday Nov 15th  – The Shaw re-opens on the Northside, Cross Guns Bridge in Glasnevin/Phibsborough. 


Listings and info to follow.




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