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Thursday 18th; BUA DJs | 8pm

Friday 19th; Tuff Gang | 8pm

Saturday 20th; 4/20 It must be nice | 4pm

Sunday 21st; Different Rhythm with Brigadier JC + Tamara Maravilha | 4pm

Thursday 25th; Papaya live #3 | 8pm 

Saturday 27th; Dancing for Money – Wino Wagon | 6pm 

Designers in the city fair | 12pm

Sunday 28th;  Bear In Mind; Happy Heads Mental Health Talk | WGFM w/ Bill Mango + DC FSLMAN | 8pm



Friday 3rd; Shaw Kicks | 8pm

Saturday 4th; WGFM w/ Toby Kaar & DC FSLMAN | 8pm

Sunday 5th; Fulton + Gold | 8pm

Friday 10th; Tuff Gang / Kalediscope | 8pm

Saturday 11th; Moot DJs | 8pm

BUCKFAST WEEKENDER >> Click here for info + tix

Sunday 12th; Bubblegum | 8pm

BUCKFAST WEEKENDER >> Click here for info + tix

Thursday 16th; Earwig DJs | 8pm

Friday 17th; Unit 1 live band + Djs | 8pm

Saturday 18th; Miss Kate | 8pm

Sunday 19th; Optic Music + Record pop up shop | 8pm

Friday 24th; Wiseguy DJs | 8pm

Saturday 25th; Distortion DJs | 8pm

Sunday 26th; Different Rhythm | 8pm

Thursday 31st; Papaya live | 8pm



Saturday 1st; Movember All Dayer | 12pm

Saturday 8th; WGFM; Matt Breezeblock + DC FSLMAN | 8pm

Friday 14th; Moot DJs | 8pm

Saturday 15th; BOTTOMLESS w/ Tara Stewart + Molly Parson | 12pm

Sunday 16th; Optic Music + Record pop up shop | 8pm

Friday 21st; Bobofunk | 8pm

Saturday 22nd; Earwig DJs | 8pm

Sunday 23rd; Different Rhythm | 8pm

Thursday 27th; Papaya live #4 | 8pm

Friday 28th; Shaw Kicks | 8pm



Friday 5th; Dancing for Money | 8pm

Saturday 6th; WGFM | 8pm

Friday 12th; Not The High Street (DDR) | 8pm

Friday 19th; Earwig | 8pm

Saturday 2oth; Shaw Kicks | 8pm

Thursday 25th; Papaya Live #5 | 8pm

Friday 26th; Bernard Shaws Birthday; Bobofunk | 8pm

Sunday 28th; Different Rhythm | 6pm



Saturday 10th; WGFM | 8pm

Friday 15th; Shaw Kicks | 8pm

Sunday 18th; Different Rhythm | 8pm

Friday 23rd; Bobofunk | 8pm

Thursday 29th; Papaya live #6 | 8pm




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