The Weekly low down | September 6th

The Weekly low down | September 6th

Howareyiz all? We’re kicking things off with a bang this week having local layabouts BUA making their Bernard Shaw debut running things through to a jam packed Sunday with some Reggae and Dance Hall from Mercy and Salvation closing us of on Sunday.

Check the full listings below, if you want to make a booking click here.


Thurs 6th

Bua | 8pm

Fri 7th 

Apartment Records | 8pm

(Check out Apartment Records mix of the week here)

Sat 8th

   Shaw Café Saturday Brunch Buzz | 10am (menu here)

Shaw Kicks 003 with Lolz, Justyna Koss & Venus Dupree | 4pm

Sun 9th

The September Shaw Flea | 12pm
Social Hops by Rascals Brewing; Harvest Day | 1pm
Mercy and Salvation | 7pm

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