This week at The Bernard Shaw // 3/7/18

We’re still lepping up them heatwave vibes from the humble abode of our lovely aul beer garden. Sunny days means a necessity of good tunes so of course we’ve got you sorted. Check out this weeks listings below and drop us a mail if you want to book in >>

Wed 4th: Rob Arcaz | 5pm

Thurs 5thFulton & Gold | 8pm

Fri 6th : Apartment Records | 8pm

Sat 7th : Yoga Beats | 9am-12am

                The July Vintage & Flea | 12pm-5pm

                 ZEEMBASS live | 6pm

                 WGFM x Ellll | 8pm

Sun 8th : Disco E Cultura : Island special | 4pm

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