The Shaw Space – Street Art & Graffitti outdoor spaces

hey folks

Sad news to hear the wall of the back lane of our gaff for the graff is getting demolished. Its worth noting we still have plenty of spaces and walls internal in our building for folks to use, practice on, etc etc. For various reasons – mainly insurance unfortunately – we have had to limit these areas use over the years, but nonetheless they can still be used, and if you’d like to reach out about that, or would be interested in managing the spaces we have with us, please get in touch below. We are actually on the look out for a curator and manager of our outdoor spaces, as we have been since 2006 when we opened. We had Maser in here doing it for a while back in the day before he become an international man of mystery. Maybe some day he’ll come back to us.

Banter aside, if your an artist or a collective – we’d love to talk to ya.

Shaw Crew



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