SUBSET Grey Area Project // 15/6/2018

SUBSET Grey Area Project

‘At present, the system which governs the production of large format artwork within the outdoor realm is unnecessarily complex and prohibitive to the evolution of public art culture. We believe the reform of this system is required to enable the progression and elevation of this outlet of self-expression. If we are to abide by the existing system in an attempt to reach this goal, it would be incredibly time-consuming and troublesome. Therefore, to highlight the issue and garner public interest and support for the matter we have taken an independent revolutionary measure. That measure is Grey Area. Since the 01/03/18 the large format artist community has carried out sixty productions (and counting) within Dublin city centre and its suburbs. We hope this will be the catalyst for a cultural paradigm shift which will remove the shackles by which our art form is bound.’ – SUBSET 

Watch the documentry below and sign the petition to support the artist’s who’ve given both our home here at the Shaw, and Dublin itself a bit of life.

Big up’s to the lads. #greyareaproject

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