National Pizza Day + Big Blue Bus Competition

The 9th of February is International Pizza Day and to celebrate it, we bring you this year’s  ‘Big Blue Bus Pizza Box Arts Competition. WHERE do we get these snappy titles from at all at all?!

All you gotta do to enter is create your own art/drawing on the blank pizza boxes and we’ll display them in an exhibition at The Bernard Shaw downstairs bar and with a public vote on 3 winners.

The Prizes are:

1st Prize: A voucher for 25 free Pizzas
2nd Prize: A voucher for 10 Free Pizzas
3rd Prize: A Big Blue Bus Hoodie

The competition is running from now until Feb 9th and we’ll announce the winner the following week. So pop in to The Big Blue Bus, collect a pizza box and create your own masterpiece – don’t forget to bring it back to the guys in the Big Blue Bus on or before the 9/02/18!!!

Customers will vote for their favourite and the winners will be announced the following week. You can do whatever you like on the pizza box but anything bus related will always have an advantage!

Nom nom nom!!

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