International Gin & Tonic Weekender; 4/6/2018

International Gin & Tonic Weekender; 4/6/2018


Do you know what we love here at The Shaw? G&T’s, but not only your regular G&T’s Premium G&T’s. This weekend we want to celebrate International Gin & Tonic day in true Shaw Style – by making it last alllll weekend long baby!

We’ll be doing two Premium Gin & Tonic’s from our premium menu for €15, or One for €8. We even have our Non alcoholic Seedlip spirit thrown in so anyone can enjoy the fun.

We have three simple steps for your perfect G&T combo;

Choose your Gin:

  • Hendricks
  • Beefeater 24
  • Listoke
  • Dingle
  • Von Hallers

Choose your Tonic:

  • Fentimans
  • Fever-Tree

Choose your garnish:

  • Berries
  • Cucumber




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