HOTHOUSE Label Launch | January 25th

HOTHOUSE Label Launch 

January 25th | 9pm | Free in

HOTHOUSE will be launching their brand new label with a  collective of artists that focus on accessible underground music. The collective consists of PrYmary Colours, Dave Kerr, Jus Damien, Reveller and H&G Creations.

Spearheaded by Dave Kerr from Mindset Musik, Damien from Momentum DJs & Daz from PrYmary Colours, HOTHOUSE LABEL was established on the back of the hugely successful monthly HOTHOUSE nights in Berlin Bar D2, with the intention of bringing something edgy to Dublin’s club scene.

The first release is HHL 001, House Of Love”, and will be available on the night.

Music on the night from…
prYmary colours
Jus Damien (Damien Omen)
Dave Kerr
Emmet Condon
…in association with H&G Creations

Live it like no ones looking.



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