The final Disco É Cultura with B +

August 19th // 4PM // FREE IN

So it’s true, the lads are calling it a day on the wonderful project that is Disco É Cultura with a final party in the Bernard Shaw. As the lyric goes in one of our favorite salsa jams – ‘When i die, don’t cry, come drink rum and dance to celebrate my life.’ And that is what you must do.

To help with that particular direct order, DeC are bringing in famed photographer Brian Cross aka B + with a bag of 45s. It’s a near guarantee you will have seen Brian’s photographic work for a whole heap of hip-hop and rap artists, the list (of greats) is endless – Outkast, Kendrick Lamar, DJ Quik, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Dilla, Co Flow, Q-tip, Rza , Damo Marley, Kamasi Washington – Brian is The Man with the camera, if that wasn’t enough he also collects records, our sort of records, records picked up on his many travels through Latin America and beyond.

👉🏽Think this to get you in the mood

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