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Handsome Burger – The best from the west comes to Eatyard. There’s been quite a buzz and a few awards for their Handsome Burgers made with a juicy Irish beef patty, sticky onions, pickled cucumber and a signature Handsome Sauces. They also do a mean line in loaded fries.

Olea – New street food sensation Olea are opening with their signature pillowy flatbreads, served warm and wrapped around vibrant, tangy veg, spicy chickpeas, free-range lamb or halloumi and loaded with nourishing herbs. Warming bulgur pilaf bowls will also be on offer for a bread-free option. 

Arepas – We’re chuffed to have Arepas Grill back to Eatyard serving up their epic Venezuelan cornbreads filled with tasty toppings like pulled beef and black beans, avocado and plantain or shredded chicken with cheddar. 

Vish Shop – Winners of ‘Best Street Food 2018’ at The Food Awards Vish Shop are back with us. The star of the show, of course, is Vish™, their plant-based version of Fish and Chips, with the ‘fillet’ made from cassava, wild seaweed and battered to perfection. And the hugely popular Cauliflower Wings will be flying out again. Vish Shop 2019

Sweet Churro – Nothing quite compares to the taste of fresh, crispy churros dipped in hot chocolate. And we’ve got the best in town. The Venezuelan team behind Sweet Churro join us at Eatyard where they’ll transform their top-secret traditional recipes into crunchy clouds of deliciousness along with a delicious selection of sweet crepes.



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Our Story

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The Eatyard is our hugely popular food market / event space on 9-10 South Richmond St right next door to us here at The Bernard Shaw.

Now entering it’s 4th year it has grown out of our annual Beatyard & Big Grill festivals, the various flea and car boot sales we’ve hosted and numrous trips to destinations like Austin, London, South Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. Eatyard’s aim is to elevate Irish Street Food to a new level and bring a unique casual dining experience to Dublin.

We’re always on the hunt for innovative & creative food producers, chefs, cooks or vendors who follow the ethos of doing something simple really well. Whether you are coming to the market for the first time or bringing your talents from an established kitchen out to the streets, we are interested in hearing from you and what you have to offer. If you’d like to get in touch fill out the application form below or if you’ve any questions hit us up direct at

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