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We partner and run various initiatives in our local community. If you are running a charity event in our area, and would like us to donate tickets, or food/drinks vouchers, or use our venue to hold a meeting or a fundraising event please get in touch. We might not be able to honour every request, and its important that it be local to us , but other than that, thats it . Please email us at for all requests.


Bin it to win it
We had been racking our brains trying to come up with an idea for everyone to help keep our beautiful Portobello canal tidy when the sun shines so we decided to come up with our Bin it to Win it campaign. It’s simple really – call into the Shaw, we’ll give you a Brewtonic bin bag, you bring it back full of rubbish you cleaned up from the canal and we’ll sort you a free pint of one of our Brewtonic beers. Thats it!

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What’s Greentonic you ask? It’s an extension of Bodytonic which focuses on all aspects of being green/reducing waste/energy efficient/environmentally friendly. We want to reduce our waste, remove single use plastic, be environmentally friendly and overall try to make the world (or our gaff for now) a better place. We got rid of plastic straws and single use plastic cups. We’ve got reusable plastic cups and metal straws for our events, which not only look the business but reduce our plastic waste. We’ve also banned takeaway coffee cups in the office – Keep Cups all round’ baby. We’re also learning day by day, getting things wrong, making mistakes, and trying to make things right. If you have any ideas or see us doing silly things we can easily improve on, please let us know, we’re open to learning and doing as much as we can –

Brewtonic Balcony Garden 

Our Brewtonic Garden is something we’re all immensely proud of here, it sits at the back of our office overlooking the whole venue (a bit of a Lion King “Everything the light touches is yours” kinda vibe). We use the herbs we grow in our drinks and cocktails and the veggies in our staff lunches – plus help the bee population whilst we’re at it.

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We’ve recently introduced a new scheme in The Shaw Cafe where we save our used coffee grinds to use as fertiliser for our plants. Not only does it cut down on waste going to landfill (which is also very costly), it helps to nourish our lovely plant pals too. Also in the spirit of being green, our Bar manager + head gardener Brendan came up with the Brewtonic grow tower. It’s made from upcycled key kegs, uses rainwater and is a vertical growing system perfect for herbs and bee friendly flowers.

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Karaoke for the Simon Community
Last year at Yuleyard we raised money for Dublin Simon Community . All of the proceeds from our Caravan Karaoke went straight to their charity and we will also had buckets to drop in some money at our Winter Warmer’s bar. We also donate all our lost property from the pub to the Simon Community.

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Eco Bricks for a DJ riser 

Ecobricks….. a new initiative we’re starting in Bodytonic HQ, and you’ll see in The Bernard Shaw very very soon. We go through massive amounts of non-biodegradable waste. We’ve reduced our usage as much as we can, but some of it you just can’t avoid. That’s why when we heard of Ecobricks we knew we HAD to try em’ out.

We’re no longer taking Eco Bricks but anyone wh0 would like to come use our bricks to make anything creative – let us know here.

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The finished eco-riser at Beatyard 2019

Wipe out plastic‘ art piece made from non-recyclable plastics 

‘Wipe out plastic’ is made entirely out of single use plastic from around The Bernard Shaw – a sustainable art piece made to urge the reuse of non-recyclable plastics creatively. It highlights the problem we have with single use plastic entering our seas.

Ireland is the top producer of plastic waste in Europe generating an average of 61kgs per person every year.

More than 60 percent of plastic waste still comes from packaging – but only 40 percent of that packaging is recycled.

If we do our part in helping to “wipe out” the use of single use plastic we can help cut down on our waste by recycling – reusing & recreating.






Do you have any ideas for us? Drop us an aul mail >>

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