Centric – By Triskele artists

 Centric by Triskele artists

Stephen Shaw, Sinéad Smyth and John Kavanagh 

The environments that encircle us influence our senses, emotions and world views.

We expand into a concentric mesh of landscape and spaces man-made, rural and natural

We celebrate the new landscapes of mood and electricity as well as a sense of spirit,  home and place. We walk through life as if on a stage of backgrounds, vistas,  panoramas. We inhabit a world of ever changing rotation.

This is the beauty of Centric: a point from which all else is measured. We are the centre of our worlds, a centre from which we interpret, expand and emanate. We are these points, rippling into awareness of the world around us.

Reflecting on the landscapes we move through. Their shape, light, colour and form are often unseen expressions of ourselves our centric environment reflects in us and inspires us.

Centric open on Thursday 26th April at the Bernard Shaw pub. A beautiful celebration of original work from Triskele Artists runs to the end of May.

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