Shaw Cinema Sessions | Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child

Shaw Cinema Sessions | Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child

December 5th // 7pm // Free in 

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In his short career, Jean-Michel Basquiat was a phenomenon. He became notorious for his graffiti art under the moniker Samo in the late 1970s on the Lower East Side NY scene, sold his first painting to Deborah Harry for $200, and became best friends with Andy Warhol. Appreciated by both the art cognoscenti and the public, Basquiat was launched into international stardom. Within several years he went from homelessness to selling single paintings for $20,000. However, soon his cult status began to override the art that had made him famous in the first place. Director Tamra Davis pays homage to her friend in this definitive documentary. The production also reveals how he dealt with being a black artist in a predominantly white field. Much can be gleaned from insider interviews and archival footage, but it is Basquiat’s own words and work that powerfully convey the mystique and allure of both the artist and the man.

The film will be shown throughout the Shaw from 7pm, come one come all. Bring your popcorn x


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